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Mainstreet Hype aims to be the leading retail small business newswire service on the web. We offer affordable, curated press release distribution to local, national, and urban media for small business owners.

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Who needs Mainstreet Hype?

Restaurants, retail shops, barber shops, cafes, coffee shops, beauty salons, food trucks, product designers, galleries, makers, and others that want to reach potential customers through blogs, magazines, radio and interviews, newspapers and podcasts.



What exactly will you do?

After you submit your order, within 3 to 5 business days, we will distribute your press release/story to your local (neighborhood, city, and region), national, and urban media contacts - a curated list of journalists and bloggers at nearly 100 media outlets and growing. We'll also publish your story on I Am Mainstreet America (New!) - our very own storytelling platform!

Can you guarantee coverage?

We can't guarantee coverage, can guarantee that we'll deliver your story across our curated journalist network.

How much does it cost?

$150 for our signature PR Boost, this includes distribution to our journalist network. For $250, we'll send out our photographers and journalists to create an original story to share on I Am Mainstreet America and in its newsletter. Plus, we'll search engine optimize it and share it with our social media followers. For $350 combine both services to get the best bang for your buck!

I'm a journalist/blogger, how can I get on your distribution list?

Contact us to request access to our newswire.


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